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Ethereum(ETH) Pool, posted Feb 20, 2018 at 07:38 (UTC)

Ethereum(ETH) Pool

Algorithm: Ethash

Coin Info. & Discussion(Bitcointalk thread)



Check before you start.

  Mining Rewards
  Ethereum mining reward is the combination of four factors and we distribute these all types of rewards.

  1) Block finding Reward: 2 ETH
  2) Transaction Fee: gas spent
  3) Uncle Reward: 1.75 ETH, 1.5 ETH, 1.25 ETH, 1 ETH, 0.75 ETH, 0.5 ETH
  4) Uncle inclusion incentive: 0.125 ETH, 0.0625 ETH

Miner Guide

A. Miner Setting


  Check whether you are a CPU/GPU(AMD&NVIDIA)/ASIC miner and install any miner depends on it.
  You need a proper server, port no., username/worker name and download the latest miner/wallet.

  Port no.    20535 


  U.S.:         us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535
  Europe:    europe.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535
  Asia:         asia.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535
  Nicehash: nicehash.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535


  a. ASIC

  Antminer E3


  (1) PhoenixMiner 

  (2) Ethminer fork

  (3) T-Rex miner

  (4) lolMiner


  a. ASIC

  Antminer E3

Configuration e.g.:

URL:   us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20536

User:  username.workername

Password: x



  (1) PhoenixMiner

Configuration e.g.:

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535 -wal username.workername -pass x -proto 1

Protocol: On 20535 port, you can put -proto 4 insted of -proto 1. You need to use 20536 port if you use -proto 2.

  (2) Ethminer fork

Configuration e.g.:

a. (0.14 above)


ethminer -U -P stratum+tcp://username.workername:x@us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535


ethminer -G -P stratum+tcp://username.workername:x@us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535

b. (0.14 below)

ethminer -G -S us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535 -O username.workername:password

This is a fork from original Ethminer, supports CUDA for NVIDIA, AMD.
Ethminer-genoil supports stratum only when using with "-S" stratum option. It should be uppercase.(-S)(0.14 below).

  (3) T-Rex miner

Download: T-Rex miner Windows, Linux
Configuration e.g.:

t-rex.exe -a ethash -o stratum2+tcp://us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535 -u username.workername -p x

  (3) lolMiner

Configuration e.g.:

lolMiner.exe --algo ETHASH --pool us-east.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535 --user username.workername --ethstratum ETHV1

  B. Wallet

Here you can download coin wallet.

Now, you are ready to be a happy miner!